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Looking for New Opportunities for Scholarly Activity?


Are you a program director or core faculty looking for scholarly activity? FOEM has more to opportunities for meaningful scholarly activity than ever before. Reach out to  for more information.


icon-peer.jpgWestJEM Collaboration

The American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians and the Foundation for Osteopathic Emergency Medicine are seeking peer-reviewers for the upcoming abstract and case report special issues to be featured in both the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine (WestJEM) and its affiliated journal, Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine (CPC-EM).

Quality peer review is essential for the advancement of our profession and can also be used to promote scholarly activity in our residencies. Interested reviewers must be board certified or board eligible in emergency medicine or one of its recognized subspecialties. Reviewers must also have at least 1 first author peer-reviewed publication and be willing to complete the Peer Review Training Module created by Annals of Emergency Medicine.

If you or a colleague are interested in becoming a scientific peer-reviewer, please send a letter of interest and CV to




FOEM Competitions

All five FOEM Competitions are now open to attending physicians, not just students and residents. Not ready to make an oral presentation? Serving as a judge will get you scholarly activity as well. Competition descriptions ad deadlines can be found at Sign up today by contacting us at .



icon-review.jpgResearch Review Resource

Each year, the ACOEP Research Committee reviews research papers submitted via the online portal, and the portal is now open to all researchers looking to have their work reviewed. There are two ways to get involved for scholarly activity – submit a paper for detailed feedback, which boosts your chance of publication dramatically, or volunteer as a paper-reviewer.



icon-frn.jpgFOEM Research Network

The FOEM Research Network consists of three sections: researchers can search the site to find multicenter research opportunities nationwide; research sites, such as hospitals and universities, can update their dashboard to include up-to-date demographics and information as well as research opportunities; and clinical research organizations, including device manufacturers or pharma, can search the site for attractive research sites to pilot their products. Learn more.



icon-grant.jpgGrant-Funded Research

Every year FOEM funds ground-breaking research projects, such as Dr. Mike Allswede’ s ACOEP-ACGME Paradigm Research Project currently underway. The goals of the project are to capture the costs, satisfaction, and quality associated with adopting a new accreditation paradigm. The project is recruiting workgroup members to analyze the results, which is eligible for scholarly activity as well as monetary funding. If interested, contact us at FOEM is also updating it's Grant Handbook into an RFP-style funding mechanism that will align with publishable standards.


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