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Grant History


January 21, 2009

Nicole Y. Ottens, D.O., and Donald J. Sefcik, D.O., MBA, FACOEP:  The Relationship between Personality Type and Self-Reported Stress Levels in Emergency Medicine Physicians

April 7, 2010

James Turner, D.O., FACOEP-D:  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Work Stress and Burnout among Health Care Professionals

October 7, 2013

Andrea Drenguis, D.O.:  Comparison of Glidescope and C-MAC Video Laryngoscopes in Awake Upright Laryngoscopy

October 2015

A grant was provided to members of the ACOEP Student Chapter for medical supplies for a mission trip to the Philippines

April 2016

Michael Allswede, DO, ACOEP-ACGME Paradigm Research Project


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