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The Foundation's sole purpose is the support of research in emergency medicine by osteopathic physicians. The FOEM Board of Trustees has developed a mechanism for the review of applications for the research awards and grants described within this website, and through assigned subcommittees makes the final decisions concerning funding of research projects. Approvals of all funding requests and research grants are reported to the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians.

Role of Research in Osteopathic Emergency Medicine

Research in emergency medicine by osteopathic physicians leads to the better understanding by the profession of:

  • The physicians' role in and the importance of research conducted in emergency

  • The improvement of the knowledge base of the emergency physician;

  • A better and more effective application of standard techniques, or the
    implementation of new and innovative techniques for the care of the
    patient in an emergency setting; and

  • The investigation of new drugs or devices that would improve the patient care
    in the emergency setting.

For purposes of sponsorship of research projects, "osteopathic emergency medicine research" is defined as research conducted under the direction of an osteopathic emergency medicine physician or in conjunction with an accredited college of osteopathic medicine or osteopathic postdoctoral training institution (OPTI) that is directed toward the teaching or improvement of knowledge, skills, or techniques of the emergency medicine physician.

FOEM is interested only in the highest quality of scientific investigation and limits its approval of applications to those projects that have reasonable promise of producing quantitative evidence of the improvement of emergency medical care.

Awards & Grants / Applications

If you are interested in applying for a grant or need more information, please print out the FOEM Handbook for guidelines and applications.

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